Jezebel Series

People often ask what inspired me to write JEZEBEL and the answer is that I have always enjoyed reading about Queen Jezebel in the Bible. It was her story that inspired me to create a modern day version. Jessie Belle Deveraux was one of my favorite characters and even when I completed JEZEBEL, I knew there was more to her story.

JEZEBEL’S DAUGHTER was born out after I read about Queen Jezebel’s daughter in the Bible. She made her mother look like a saint with her antics. I was also inspired to write this book because I also wanted to know who really pushed Jessie Belle over the balcony. Even as I was writing, the characters kept me in suspense until the very end. This is also when I discovered there would be a third book in this series.

JEZEBEL’S REVENGE will be released later this year. More details coming soon.


6 thoughts to “Jezebel Series”

  1. Jezebel allowed one to recognize there was a spirit (evil and unhealthy) awakened in the character. Also it showed not only females but males also can be attacked by those spirits. It was a good book and I am waiting for Jezebel’s Revenge. This is one of the first books I recommend to readers.

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